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Experience The Lowcountry

“To describe our growing up in the low country of South Carolina, I would have to take you to the marsh on a spring day, flush the great blue heron from its silent occupation, scatter marsh hens as we sink to our knees in mud, open you an oyster with a pocketknife and feed it to you from the shell and say, ‘There. That taste. That’s the taste of my childhood.’ ”

– Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides

Beaufort County Ecotourism Association

Every six hours the Lowcountry scenery changes as the sea tides move in and out, covering the marsh grass at high tide and laying bare the mud flats and oyster rakes at low.

This constant movement, and constant change, creates a dazzling experience for people interested in ecotourism. From the Atlantic beaches to the ribbons of creeks and rivers that rush to the sea, from the maritime forests and the shifting sand dunes to the horizon-stretching vistas of marsh grass and water, Beaufort County, South Carolina is a paradise waiting to be experienced.

Thank you for visiting us here, and we hope you’ll soon join us to savor what author Pat Conroy called “the taste of my childhood.”

Magical Marshes

The marshes that surround the Lowcountry are full of mystery and excitement. Connect with many of our members to explore them up close and personal, from boat excursions to day trips, an adventure awaits.

Experience The Sights

Not many places on earth can claim the rich natural divinity and cultural heritage of the Lowcountry. Our goal is to bring together professional, qualified and dependable businesses that specialize in ecotourism.